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2 min readSep 11, 2023


Detroit Ledger Tech is here with August 2023 updates for the WAX community!

Detroit Ledger Tech (DLT) is pleased to announce a number of product development updates for the summer months. These updates include improvements to Pyntelope, the continued work on WAX Labs 3.0, and the completion of the second milestone for FACINGS Creator.

DLT Products


  • Pyntelope has been updated with the following improvements below. Stay in the know and follow along with our Github and Commit log. Read our quick 3-minute Tutorial for a deeper dive.


  • Upgrade version from 0.8.5 to 0.8.6
  • Remove dead argument


  • Add optional persistent client to Net object
  • Add auth parameter to net object
  • Add with syntax to Net object


  • Update (and upgrade) the docstring for the Net object


  • Import, only relevant typing objects


  • Remove pydantic inheritance from Net class


  • Add slow marker

WAX Labs 3.0 Launch

Here are some of the key work completed on WAX Labs 3.0 in this milestone:

  • Create and Edit Proposals page final adjustments
  • Wharfkit v1.0 update and API integration
  • Overall tests and adjustments
  • Notifications foundation/scaffolding & UI
  • Complete profile page and functionality (View/Edit)
  • Complete admin page and functionality
  • Proposals Filter/Search/Sorting functionality
  • WYSIWYG Markdown to HTML rendering on proposal and deliverable creation/edit

The following are ongoing work for 4–5 weeks to be completed by the team:

  • Proposal approval flow layout, review, and integration
  • Telegram Notifications
  • Final adjustments, bug fixes, testing, and extra tasks
  • Notification system configuration and Telegram integration
  • Proposal approval flow implementation
  • Additional filtering functionality (Ex: Proposals with deliverable reviews needed by the IGs and WAX team)
  • Upgrade Wharfkit to production release 1.0
  • Final testing, adjustments, and bug fixes

FACINGS NFT Creator Platform Updates

Great news from the FACINGS squad! The second milestone of the FACINGS NFT Creator project has been completed and submitted to the EOS Network Foundation for approval. This milestone includes the collection/template CSV import feature, which allows users to bulk-create schemas and templates and broadcast those transactions with ease.


Detroit Ledger Technologies is excited to share these product development updates with the community. We are committed to providing innovative and user-friendly products that help to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology.

To learn more about these product development updates, please visit the DLT website or follow us on Twitter.



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