Detroit Ledger Tech WAX Guild Updates End of Aug — Sept 2023: WAX Community Update

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2 min readSep 28, 2023

It’s time for another update for the WAX community from the DLT Team!

Detroit Ledger Tech (DLT) is pleased to announce a number of product development updates for August. These updates include continued work on WAX Labs 3.0, API Traffic updates, and the approval of the second milestone for FACINGS Creator by the EOS Network Foundation.

DLT Products

WAX Labs 3.0 Launch

Capitalizing on our team’s previous work, we recognized an opportunity to introduce email notifications as an extension of their efforts in developing Telegram notifications. Based on our schedule and priorities, we’ve decided to include these email notifications in the final release or provide an update shortly after deployment.

Follow along with our engineering team’s progress as we push forward to the third milestone. The WIP testnet version of WAX Labs 3.0 can be found here:

API Traffic

On a given day API Traffic is the average of times API was requested and retrieved information. Think of this like a “Blockchain Time Machine.” It helps you see what happened on the blockchain in the past. This is useful for things like checking your past transactions and activities, especially in wallets where you want to see your history. While Chain API is more like a “Live Dashboard” for the blockchain. It shows you what’s happening right now. You can use it to check your current balance or send new actions to the blockchain. It’s all about the present moment on the blockchain.

To sum it up, the History API is for looking back in time, while the Chain API is for keeping an eye on what’s happening right now. Which is important for viewing applications like wallets. DLT provides these APIs to developers to use in their applications and tools.

DLT Mainnet /v1/chain/ queries (24hr): 777,554 avg per day.

DLT Mainnet /v2/history/ queries (24hr): 67,540 avg per day.

FACINGS NFT Creator Platform Updates

The FACINGS team’s second milestone includes the collection/template CSV import feature, which allows users to bulk-create schemas and templates and broadcast those transactions with ease has been approved by the EOS Network Foundation. Additionally, they’ve successfully completed the 3rd milestone of the ENF grant for the collection manager and is currently in the middle of the review process.

Work also began on Wharfkit and analytics integrations. The team is prioritizing these maintenance items before it begins productizing the stand alone tools into a single platform.


Detroit Ledger Technologies is excited to share these WAX product development updates with the community. We are committed to providing innovative and user-friendly products that help to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology.

To learn more about these product development updates, please visit the DLT website or follow us on Twitter.



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