DLT Telos End of May to Mid-July 2022 Update

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4 min readJul 16, 2022
From left to right: Adam Zientarski (CEO, DLT), Douglas Horn (CEO, GoodBlock), Richard Downing (CEO, TelosClearBP), and Lliam Buckley (CEO, Telos Culture) discussing block producer responsibilities and network governance on day 1 of Consensus Austin 2022.

Greetings Telosians!

Detroit Ledger Technologies (DLT, BP account: eosiodetroit) has supercharged its contributions to Telos, completing a number of projects over the last month and a half as well as creating new marketing opportunities for Telos.

Telos RFP

The Telos RFP project is nearing its phase 1 completion. DLT would like to thank Richard Downing from TelosClearBP, Justin Giudici and Chris Barnes from the Telos Foundation, Jesse Schulman and Kersten Wirth from the Telos Core Development Team, and all of the supporters of the Telos RFP Works proposals for helping bring this project to fruition.

The DLT team added an improvement to match proposal submission sections with the format of EOSIO Alliance RFPs. Additionally, some minor bug fixes were implemented prior to the deployment of the platform on mainnet, which began Wednesday, July 13th, 2022. The TCD is in progress of deploying the smart contract to the rfp Telos account and hosting the frontend on a telos.net subdomain.

The Works proposal to fund the initial RFP projects officially passed and the 250,000 Telos was transferred to the treasury.rfp account which is protected by a 3/5 msig of TCD members.

The TCD is currently determining the first projects to create a RFP for on the new Telos RFP platform. More announcements will come from the Telos Foundation once RFPs are posted and accepting proposals!

Telos Open Block Explorer (OBE) Multisig Interface

The DLT engineering finished phase one of the Multisig tool on the Open Block Explorer project in early July and the code has been deployed to mainnet. Users can now create, sign, and view Multisig proposals directly in the OBE. Additionally, the release included some quality-of-life features like signing history on the proposals and a notification system for when proposals need to be signed.

DLT is currently evaluating with the TCD how it can contribute to an accelerated development timeline for the OBE.

DLT VP of Engineering Karyne Mayer Contributes Project Management Expertise to the TCD

Karyne Mayer, DLT’s VP of Engineering, recently began helping the TCD as a project manager for the app.telos.net portal. Karyne will oversee a variety of improvements and bug fixes to the web app that should make it easier for Telosians to participate in network governance.

Karyne has overseen the completion of numerous Telos projects including Telos RFP, Telos OBE Multisig Tool, and the Telos Arbitration Smart Contract.

Telos Arbitration

DLT proposed and delivered the smart contract for a revised arbitrator case assignment, case management, and case class/fee schedules processes since its last update in May.

This concludes the major technical work that DLT will need to perform for Telos Arbitration. Kylan Hurt from TelosCrew continues to make progress on and will finish the frontend for the Telos Arbitration Platform in the coming months with guidance from the TCD on UI/UX.

DLT’s focus has shifted to drafting the needed Amend governance proposals to simplify the structure surrounding arbitration payment and fees. The team hopes to formally propose the changes before its next Telos update.

Detroit Blockchain Pitchfest 2022

DLT is hosting the 2nd Detroit Blockchain Pitchfest on October 27th, 2022 at the Wayne County Community College Downtown Campus. The first installment was hosted in 2019. The first event drew 230 attendees and awarded numerous prizes including an all expense paid trip to Silicon Valley to attend Envestnet Yodlee’s accelerator program, which was award to the AIKON team. The informational packet will be finalized early next week and a new landing page will be launched shortly afterwards to begin collecting applications for pitching.

This year, the Pitchfest has already secured judging commitments from representatives at Techstars Detroit (Global Accelerator), Backstage Capital (VC), Red Cedar Ventures (VC), Pointe Angels (Angel Investment Group), Google, and more. Telos Foundation CEO Justin Giudici and DLT CEO Adam Zientarski will join these esteemed institutions on the judging panel! The Telos Foundation and Goodblock were also previous sponsors of this event.

This Pitchfest will feature startups from the ecosystems that Detroit Ledger Technologies supports, as well as other blockchain/web3 startups in the United States competing for a variety of prizes.

DLT @ ETH Toronto / Blockchain Futurist Conference 2022

DLT and representatives from its non-profit, Detroit Blockchain Center, will be attending ETH Toronto / the Blockchain Futurist Conference and coordinating with Telos Culture to host Telos presentations on the second day of the conference.

DLT @ Consensus 2022

DLT CEO Adam Zientarski attended Consensus 2022 as a part of the Telos team. It was an amazing experience for him and the first time that he met many of the Telos community members in person.

Adam moderated the Block Producer Panel on Day 1 of the event in the Telos World room, which included Douglas Horn from GoodBlock, Richard Downing from TelosClearBP, and Lliam Buckley from Telos Culture.

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