EOS DETROIT WAX Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Report — July 2021

Tech Ops

EOS DETROIT recently signed up an additional colocation data center to diversify its backbone network connections and provide a higher level of redundancy to our nodes. In the last month, the company acquired $15,000 of additional hardware to upgrade the services on blockchains EOSD supports. These two improvements will enable EOSD to provide a high performing AtomicAsset API.

Product Development

EOS DETROIT continues to contribute over 90% of its development team hours to servicing FACINGS releases. Updates to product releases are provided below.

Release 1 — Skullz Collection

The first release for Skullz went live on a WAX only sale on July 8th. These NFTs featured original artwork by the FACINGS teams as well as audio files embedded into the NFTs. The partnership with Skullz garnered media coverage in a number of international, entertainment, and crypto related publications, including The Daily Mail, The World News, inews.co.uk, Crypto Asia Today, VOI, and more. To date, the first Skullz release has sold over 2000 packs.


Upcoming — FanFavz

FanFavz is an all encompassing social network platform that allows fans to engage with their favorite athlete, entertainer, or celebrity via livestream video, as well as purchase their NFT’s and personalized memorabilia. FanFavz is a portfolio company of EOS DETROIT and a client of FACINGS. FanFavz has signed a former professional athlete for an upcoming NFT release.


Upcoming — NFTrippy

NFTrippy is an exclusive series coming to WAX that celebrates the wonder of the mushroom! There are thousands of varieties of fungi on the planet and each has a unique profile and behaviour. NFTrippy Volume 1 showcases the diversity and characteristics of the Psilocybin variants with some mystical characters that must be crafted by foragers! It’s pseudo-science at its finest!

The product team put the first version of the launch since the last OIG update.


Ecosystem Development

Blockchain & NFT 101 Workshop

EOS DETROIT is waiting on a response from the sponsoring organization for the blockchain and NFT 101 workshop. The structure of the deal has changed so that a charitable organization that supports arts, journalism, and culture in various American cities will cover the cost of 25 students to attend this introductory workshop that EOS DETROIT develops in partnership with Grand Circus, a coding bootcamp provider. Regardless of sponsorship, the bootcamp will take place sometime in September and an Eventbrite event page will be created soon.

Community Engagement

Dark Pinup Ember Burn Event

FACINGS concluded its Ember Burn event for the first Dark Pinup release at the beginning of July. The event resulted in approximately 40,000 NFTs being burned and over 3,500 bonus packs being created.

More info: https://facings.medium.com/the-ember-burn-has-ended-8a13d747fa68

GenPool Spotlight: Crypto Blood of EOS Detroit

EOS DETROIT’s Managing Director spoke with Jimmy D of GenerEOS about his history in following EOSio and Dan Larimer, early days of Steemit, his opinion on the most exciting EOSio dapp project he has worked with as of late, and much more.

Full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysmvSpYC54M

Roundtable — EOSIO Block Producers Vol. 3 / The Cryptowriter Podcast Live

EOS DETROIT’s Managing Director spoke with Cryptowriter and two other EOSio block producers (EOS Rio and EOS Argentina) about the current challenges within the space, WAX exponential growth, EDEN on EOS and more.

Full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjbwgGPJ76U

Recommendations for the OIG

Please add the deadline date/time for that month in the Office of the Inspector General Guidelines notion document. This will allow it to be in a consistent place rather than in a pinned message that ends up getting updated.



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