Nodesuite: A Swiss Army Knife for EOSIO Networks

  • eos: the first and largest EOSIO network.
  • wax: a commercial eosio network focused on NFT adoption and gaming.
  • fio: a customized eosio network focused on improving usability of cryptocurrencies.
  • telos: a governed EOSIO network that is cheap to develop on.
  • proton: a custom eosio network for improving usability of banks.
  • producer: Block Producer node and reward claiming
  • seed: Seed node for block propagation
  • v1_history: Full v1 history API node
  • hyperion: v2 API system for indexing, storing and retrieving an EOSIO blockchain’s historical data
  • oracle: Runs Delphi oracle as a follow-on process.



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Detroit Ledger Technologies

Detroit Ledger Technologies

A benevolent block producer crew based in Detroit, MI building value on blockchain networks. Planting new seeds of economic opportunity.