DLT Telos April to Mid-May 2022 Update

Detroit Ledger Technologies
4 min readMay 18, 2022

Greetings Telosians!

Detroit Ledger Technologies (DLT, BP account: eosiodetroit) has been working away for the Telos Network since our last update at the end of Q1 2022. Here’s a rundown of what DLT is up to:

Telos RFP

The Telos RFP (formerly Telos Build) Works proposal was recently approved by the community. Coordination for mainnet deployment began with the Telos Core Development Team (TCD) the week of May 2nd. Telos RFP is a request for proposal platform that seeks to make development of public good improvements and tools more efficient, accountable, and transparent. The EOSIO Alliance working group recently received a demo of the initial release and provided some excellent feedback about improving the system for future releases. Future partnerships may be developed within the EOSIO Alliance to leverage the platform in addition to the Telos native release to drive additional value back to Telos.

The Works proposal to fund the initial RFP projects is now live and can be voted on using the Decide Voter app now! This proposal is a simple proposal to transfer the funding from the Works treasury to a new “rfp” account which will be managed by a msig of TCD and TF members initially.

Telos Open Block Explorer (OBE) Multisig Interface

The DLT engineering began contributing to the Open Block Explorer project in April, which will serve as an open source replacement to the now defunct Telos Bloks Block Explorer. The first phase of development on the msig interface is halfway done and includes an interface for power users of msigs and a notification system alerting account holders of proposals that require their review and approval. The second phase will provide a slimmed down interface that is easy for novice users to create basic msigs or select from a library of commonly used templates, among other quality of life improvements requested from community members.

Telos Arbitration

DLT recently completed the first phase of the redevelopment of the arbitration smart contract. Arbitration has long been a neglected element of the Telos Core Governance documents and the team is excited to reboot this feature due to increased requests from community members.

The completed first phase of smart contract development fixed various elements and streamlined the process related to Arbitrator elections. In addition, 55 tests were written into the code to ensure maintainable, quality code. The second phase of development will implement the case status and class/claim logic. The team is currently finalizing a revised process for arbitrator case assignment, case process, and case class/fee schedules to be proposed to the TCD for phase 2 of development.

The Distributed Show With Douglas Horn

Douglas Horn, the Chief Architect of Telos and GoodBlock CEO was recently a guest on DLT’s new podcast, The Distributed Show, where he highlighted the Telos EVM and gave a rundown of the exciting new features coming up on the Telos roadmap!

Watch the The Distributed Show episode here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAd7xkZqGQo

DLT to Attend ConsenSys in Support of Telos Network

DLT CEO Adam Zientarski will be attending ConsenSys 2022 in support of Telos. He looks forward to helping the Telos team with its promotional and business development efforts!

Open Sourced Smart Contract Migration Script

DLT open sourced its smart contract migration tool which helps make Telos Dapp development easier! This tool will manage transferring data from a smart contract table to a temporary table and back once the main smart contract has been upgraded. For more information, check out the blog post and github repo!

Detroit Blockchain Center Receives 501(c)(3) federal non-profit status

DLT’s sister organization, the Detroit Blockchain Center (DBC), recently received its federal non-profit status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This status allows the entity to apply for various grants and other capital to be used to educate DLT’s regional Detroit Metro/Ontario community about blockchain technologies. It also exempts the entity from various taxes, like sales tax. DLT is a founding member of the DBC and is actively exploring ways to leverage this new status to expand the Telos community.

Read more about the Detroit Blockchain Center here: https://medium.com/@detroitledgertech/detroit-blockchain-center-now-a-non-profit-45bb52c4ab96

Vote for DLT now!

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Thank you and Go Telos!



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