Telos RFP Funding Proposal


Detroit Ledger Technologies (eosiodetroit), TelosClearBP, and a few members of the Telos Foundation (TF) created an initial framework for an on-chain Request For Proposal (RFP) platform to be initially utilized by the Telos Core Development Team (TCD) and TF to bid out various public goods projects and network improvements to development teams. The project has taken on various names, such as “Telos Works 3.0” and “Telos Build”, but due to naming conflicts with other projects, has adopted the final name of Telos RFP.

Proposal Goals

The goal of this proposal is to provide the initial funding to the Telos RFP platform. The funding mentioned is estimated to fund 3 projects of at least approximately $25,000 USD in value (or any other combination of larger and smaller projects depending on token price).

Project Scope

The funding from Telos Works will be transferred to the “rfp” account which has won the namebid by this detroitfunds account. The rfp account will be managed behind a multisig of 5 members of Telos RFP Committee, which is composed of members of the TF and TCD.

Proposal Cost

The amount requested is 250,000 TLOS. Detroit Ledger Technologies increased the amount mentioned in the original Telos RFP proposal to account for lower token prices / expected extended bear market.



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