The Weekly Airdrop #15

EOS News

Scatter Bug Fix

SecryptoLabs Launches EOS Studio

Blankos Block Party Might Be the Party of the Year in 2019

Chintai Proxy Announcement

So You Want to Be a Block Producer?

Is WhaleEx the Biggest New Exchange on the Block?

Jungle Testnet Relaunch

Worbli Launch

Telos Launch

New Releases

EOSIO Version 1.5.0-rc1: Release Candidate for Multithreaded Signature Verification, A State History Plugin, and Blacklist Security Enhancements.


CryptoFinance Conference and EOS BP Summit

Blockchain Babes Who Brunch Hands On Workshop Hosted by EOS Detroit

The Future of Mary Jane: Cannabis and Cryptocurrency Hosted by EOS Detroit

Hands-On EOS Workshop for Teens Hosted by EOS Detroit


Featured Airdrop of the Week

Emanate — A Self Governing Music Ecosystem, Built on the EOS Platform

What is Emanate?

  • Risk-free Collaborations: Artists work together over Ricardian contracts. All agreements are made in human readable terms, executed in code. Payments are split automatically via Emanate’s smart-collaborations.
  • Real-time Monetization: Every second of playtime is rewarded, can be paid instantly. A global micropayment system with fee-less transactions and no currency conversion issues. Various cash-out options.
  • Governed by the Community: Token holders vote on issues relating to the future of the platform via an open governance system. Emanate does not take profit from the ecosystem.
  • 3rd Party Integration: API/SDK for AI interactions, VR integration and more; Any software developer can have unlimited new music in their digital experiences whilst artists get paid in realtime.

Problems in the Music Industry

  • Collaboration does not flourish because of difficulty getting accurate payments.
  • Cross border differences in royalty collection rights.
  • Lack of trust between independent musicians and majors.
  • Slow payments (months or years) due to legacy systems.
  • Artists often only monetise final songs or live shows, many just want to compose.
  • There is currently little incentive for the industry to change.

Emanate’s Decentralized Solutions

  • Ledger and smart-contract based trust-less collaboration framework.
  • Instant payments across borders.
  • Transparent payments.
  • DAO governance for the ecosystem.
  • A level playing field for artists, labels, and publishers.
  • Standardised meta-data.


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