The Weekly Airdrop #6

At EOS Detroit, we keep our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the EOS ecosystem. In an effort to keep the community up to speed on the latest breaking news and updates we produce The Weekly Airdrop, an EOS focused research report.

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EOS Global Hackathon

On August 4–5, the EOS Global Hackathon took place in Sydney, Australia. EOS VC announced a $1 million seed funding initiative “Hack. Pitch. Launch.” Five teams from each of the four EOS Global Hackathons will each receive $50,000 in funding to launch their ideas. A panel of international judges, including global technology and blockchain leaders, selected the winners from a pool of over 200 international participants from more than 50 teams following 26 consecutive hours of programming. Link.

1st Place:
SmartPress won the top prize with an application that allows users to build and deploy smart contracts without writing code.

2nd Place:
GreenKeep won the second place prize with a blockchain application that aims to prevent local and global food wastage through supply chain management.

3rd Place:
TokenTree won the third place prize for its gamified app designed to empower millenials to be more engaged in the fight against deforestation by nurturing and tracking tree life cycles.

Greatest Social Impact:
Jarmbi won the prize for greatest social impact with an application that aims to protect endangered animals.

Next EOS Global Hackathon Series:
September 22–23 in London. Link.

EOS News

A Stablecoin On the EOS Blockchain:
Havven, a payments network and stablecoin announced that they are porting their software to the EOS blockchain and performing an airdrop. A stablecoin is a vital factor to consider when thinking about the process of mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. Price fluctuations can be a major obstacle to overcome for small businesses looking to accept cryptocurrency or implement blockchain technology into their businesses in other fashions. Link.

“EOSIO has the scalability, transaction volume, and growing DApp ecosystem that fits with our vision, and we are thrilled to be joining the platform.”
Havven Founder Kain Warwick

Multi-Language Forum for the EOS Community:
Starteos to create a global forum that supports multiple languages and helps community members in different languages communicate. Link.

Fighting “Fake News” Using EOS:
Roman Skaskiw from CryptoLions recently spoke more about the performance / truth telling bonds that he is working on that will be a way to hold journalists and news agencies accountable for the honesty and integrity in their content. This project is definitely one to watch. Link.

Proposal to Earn Interest on Your EOS Tokens:
EOS tokens are more than just cryptocurrency. They contain network resources including RAM/CPU/bandwidth. When you store your EOS tokens in a safe and well vetted wallet such as Greymass’ EOS-Voter (we never recommend storing them on exchanges), you could soon also have some added incentives to do so. In addition to the added security that is already provided with the 3 day unstaking period, Dan Larimer proposed creating a resource market where token holders that are staking their EOS tokens can lend their resources to a Resource Exchange (REX) and earn interest on their tokens from doing so, all with zero risk of losing. EOS Cafe Calgary wrote a nice write up about this proposal here.

“Stake and start earning. Unstake and collect profits. EOS holders “own” the resources, they lend them to the REX to get income… holding EOS and not putting them in the REX is like owning a house and not living in it or renting it out.”
-Dan Larimer

Note: In order to lend your resources to the REX, you must be voting for a minimum of 21 block producers. Don’t forget to vote for eosiodetroit or you could even proxy your vote to detroitproxy and trust us to stay on top of which block producers are most deserving of your vote.

Token Leasing with Chintai:
Chintai, a token leasing platform is set to launch on August 21st. The team provided a detailed update about their platform, and also acknowledged Dan Larimer’s similar REX proposal in their post. Read their update.

EOS Block Producer Emergency Response System:
ShEOS is building an on-chain alert system to let block producers know critical information in real time, while also having a publicly accessible record of these notifications happening on chain.

An Update From eosDAC:
Luke Stokes and the team at eosDAC provided an update for their community regarding their worker proposal process, tools, and other things that they’re working on. Link.

New Scatter Release:
Scatter v8.4.0 is available now and users will no longer need to download an extension. This should help with onboarding. Link.

New features:

  • Added the ability to Buy and Sell RAM ( only for self account )
  • Added the ability to Stake / Unstake CPU and NET ( only for self account )
  • Added EOS account usage stats ( Staked CPU/NET, RAM, Refund time + amount )
  • Added hardware support for Keypairs
  • Added LiquidEOS/Scatter DIY hardware wallet support
  • Added some polish to the UI
  • Removed chrome extension flow from onboarding

Community & Governance

ECAF Issues Another Order of Emergency Protection:
An order has been issued for EOS Block Producers to refuse to process transactions for EOS account eosfomoplay1 until further notice. A claim was filed accusing this account of illegally acquiring around ~60,686 by means of hacking/attacking the contract of Werewolf game (also known as EOSFomo). Read more.

Brock Pierce Proposes an EOS Foundation:
Brock Pierce suggested that the community nominate 7 original members of an EOS Foundation who will serve in interim positions until all 7 positions are held by people that were voted in by token holders. Every 3 months, a random member would be replace by a new one that was voted in by EOS token holders, similar to how they vote for block producers. Brock Pierce recommended Thomas B. Cox to serve as the interim executive director of the EOS Foundation.

Watch Brock Pierce’s speech here.

New Releases

EOSIO 1.1.3:
EOSIO 1.1.3 was released as a hotfix and resolved a problem was found in EOSIO 1.1.2 that exposed a latent bug in validation logic that eventually prevented nodes from being able to join active and valid chains. EOSIO 1.1.2 is therefore considered invalid. Link.

EOSIO 1.1.4:
The release of EOSIO 1.1.4 provided bug fixes and regression tests including ambiguous CPU billing of scheduled transactions, misclassification of blocks as “exhausted”, regression tests for previous security issues, and asset overflows in eosiolib for parity with the WASM SDK. Link.

Several top block producers have been working together to build a Reddit style forum that would allow token holders to post their own proposals on chain. Examples of proposals would be system upgrades, amendments to the evolving EOS Constitution, governance issues, and worker proposals. Once the referendum contract has been implemented, token holders would then be able to vote on these proposals using their usual safe and vetted wallet/tools including Greymass wallet, EOStoolkit, EOS Authority, MyEOSKit, or EOSvotes. Link.

Preferred Wallet:

How to Vote for Block Producers:

Proxying Your Vote:

Vote With Our Proxy:

Featured Airdrop of the Week

Airdrops are additional tokens that are distributed to EOS token holders. New projects can bootstrap a user base for their DApp while avoiding the complexity of selling tokens via the traditional ICO method. Projects may withhold founder tokens that can provide a runway for the development team. Market participants then decides the fair market value of airdropped tokens for themselves.

EDNA is a Blockchain-BioTech venture dedicated to ensuring Human DNA and the knowledge within that DNA belongs privately to Humans, not governments or mega-corps. EDNA operates using digital stored units of value called EDNA’s, which are “service tokens” that can be exchanged for DNA Sequencing Services. Holding these tokens also entitles a person to membership, voting & participation rights in the EDNA Community DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Community), which governs the activities of the EDNA sequencing organization. The ultimate aim of EDNA is to end human suffering caused by genetic disease, improve healthy longevity and to insure the future of DNA and DNA modification is governed by the Humans it will impact.

The Problem:
DNA sequencing companies are selling cheap mail in DNA testing kits for customers to use at home, and then using their customers DNA to make large profits in deals with medical research companies. While we of course want researchers to have information to perform necessary tests to cure diseases and save lives, they could be acquiring this data in a more decentralized fashion directly from those providing their DNA. According to Greg Simpson from EDNA, these companies sell your DNA data to the highest bidders, even biological weapon manufacturers.

“Harm, every bit as severe, can be inflicted upon humanity should genetic information remain in centralized hands.”
-Greg Simpson

The EDNA Solution:
EDNA creates a trustless environment where people can get information about their DNA without putting it into the hands of a centralized third party. This also allows people to have the option of which researchers (if any) they would like to share their information with and even monetize it themselves. DNA will be attached to an EOS public key with no identity. Inside human DNA are some areas that are called Short Tandem Repeats or STR’s for short, which form unique patterns inside DNA. EDNA has invented a way to scramble the data so there is no way (besides the private key) to say any single repeat belongs with another repeat. This means it’s impossible to point at the blockchain data and say “That is person x’s data.” The EDNA algorithm is designed to scramble the DNA of 5,000 people together into around ~30 billion identical puzzle pieces before going on chain.

The Tokens:
The EDNA airdrop has already occurred and tokens are available for trading on the decentralized exchange DEXEOS.

More Information:

For more information about airdrops, we encourage you to visit AirdropsForEOS.


Price of EOS:

EOS Voter Turnout:

Market Cap:

Price of RAM:
0.16624834 EOS per KiB

Note: The numbers above are accurate as of 10:30 am EST on 08/10/2018.

EOS Detroit Team Update

David Packham from EOS42 and EOS Detroit Host Fireside Chat in Detroit:
EOS Detroit had the pleasure of hosting David Packham from EOS42 in Detroit on Tuesday as he sat on a panel for discussion alongside Rob Konsdorf, our CEO at EOS Detroit. Lots of great conversation took place with a room full of interested local Detroiters actively participating in Q&A. We are thrilled with how the event transpired. It is very exciting to see interest in blockchain technology booming the way that it is in Detroit. The future looks bright as we expect our events to get bigger and bigger. We plan to host and live stream one event per month at a bare minimum. Our next event will be August 21 at Red Door and will be our third in August. Hope to see everybody there! Watch our last event on Youtube.

Defining Wealth for an Alternative Economy:
On August 21, EOS Detroit will be hosting and live streaming another event in Detroit at Red Door.

EOS Ignite:
EOS Detroit will be participating in the EOS Ignite Conference on August 14–15 along with other valuable members of the EOS community, which will be a 24 hour webcast conference.

Check out the schedule here.

The first block producer Go/No-Go vote is scheduled for September 24th. EOS Detroit has been actively involved in the launch preparations. We believe that EOSIO forks are healthy for the industry as a whole because experimenting with a wide range of alternatives is necessary for trial and error as we move towards mass adoption.

At EOS Detroit, we keep our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the EOS ecosystem. In an effort to keep the community up to speed on the latest breaking news and updates we produce The Weekly Airdrop, an EOS focused research report.

If you didn’t read The Weekly Airdrop last week, you can find it here.

You can also Subscribe to The Weekly Airdrop to receive them directly by email.

Please contact to report inaccuracies.



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