The Weekly Airdrop #9

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7 min readSep 4, 2018

At EOS Detroit, we keep our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the EOS ecosystem. In an effort to keep the community up to speed on the latest breaking news and updates we produce The Weekly Airdrop, an EOS focused research report.

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New Releases

EOSIO 1.2.3
A new release of the EOSIO reference implementation has been put forth by Block.One and block producers from the EOS Mainnet have updated their nodes across the fleet to support the new release. Updates include deprecation of the ability of a notified contract to bill RAM to authorizers of the original action, fixes to CPU greylist feature, and regression tests for previous security issues. Read more.

A Proposal to Fix Name Bidding Auctions
EOS Argentina proposed an upgrade to the system contract and block producers can now vote on this. This release would fix a bug where a contract on a previous high-bidders account could block attempts to outbid any name auctions resulting in an uncontestable auction. See block producer voting status here.

EOS News

ECAF Issues an Order of Emergency Protection
A claim has been filed naming the EOS Account: gyzdembtgqge​ contesting the ownership and/or control of this account and the transfer of assets without permission or just cause. The Arbitrator has been provided credible evidence to suggest there is a case to answer to. ECAF has requested that block producers refuse to process transactions of any kind for the affected EOS account name wangfuhuahua public keys, pending further review of the case by an Arbitrator. Read more.

Promises Backed by Bonds
EOS Metal developed Tungsten which will enable “dapplication” level governance through bond based arbitration. Arbitration at the EOS protocol layer is designed to only be used for dispute resolution surrounding intent of code by evaluating context within Ricardian contracts. Dapplication level governance is where things get interesting. Using Tungsten, entities can deploy bonds that guarantee promises to deliver a certain standard of service by offering claimable clauses that are stored in a decentralized smart contract. EOS Metal has announced that they will lead the way and be the first block producer to deploy bonds to further guarantee their promises as a block producer.

EOS vs Fake News
EOS Detroit is a big supporter of bond based arbitration. The potential use cases are endless. As we mentioned in The Weekly Airdrop #6, CryptoLions is promoting “truth telling bonds” where reporters and media agencies can deploy bonds that promise delivery of neutral news reporting. Exciting times…

Worker Proposal Budgets Open for Review
In the coming weeks, the referendum smart contract is set to go live. Additional details including budgets are available for review. Read more.

EOS Alliance Updates
Check out the most recent updates published by EOS Alliance:

  • 08/29 — New DEX, When REX, & Rebel Scum. Read more.
  • 08/30 — Constitutional Referendum Series Update. Read more.
  • 08/31 — Best Protocol, Coming to Desktop, & EOS Rise. Read more.
  • 09/03 — Venezuela Peso on EOS, Korean Update, & Dan’s Moons. Read more.

Tune In for the EOS Alliance Live Streams
EOS Detroit has been live streaming the EOS Alliance block producer calls on our Youtube channel:


Price of EOS: $6.53
EOS Voter Turnout: 23.6%
Market Cap: $5,920,447,247
Price of RAM: 0.12116164 EOS per KiB

Note: The numbers above are accurate as of 12:30 pm EST on 09/04/2018.

EOS Detroit Events

EOS Tribe and shEOS to Visit Detroit in September
On September 15th, Jessica Houlgrave from shEOS will be flying into Detroit just in time for a Blockchain Babes Who Brunch meetup in the afternoon with our EOS Detroit Chief Community Officer Ingrid LaFleur and other women visionaries in Detroit. Later on in the evening, EOS Detroit in partnership with shEOS will be hosting a live event at Red Door Digital community center and live-streaming it on our EOS Detroit Youtube channel.

Just 3 days later on September 18th, Steve Floyd from EOS Tribe will be presenting “The State of Blockchain Usability” to Detroiters at Red Door Digital community center which will also be live-streamed on our EOS Detroit Youtube channel.

Featured Airdrop of the Week

Airdrops are additional tokens that are distributed to EOS token holders. New projects can bootstrap a user base for their DApp while avoiding the complexity of selling tokens via the traditional ICO method. Projects may withhold founder tokens that can provide a runway for the development team. Market participants then decides the fair market value of airdropped tokens for themselves.

Boid acts as a gateway, lowering the barrier to entry for non-technical users to directly participate in blockchains and distributed computing projects. Boid has a social network layer, where users can join together in teams and compete on global leaderboards.

Turning Computing Power into Boid Power
Participation on Boid is all about increasing your Boid Power rating. To increase your Boid Power, you either need to contribute computing power by running the Boid application on your devices, or invite people using your invite link. To increase your Boid Power, you need to install the simple Boid application on your device or run the “in browser” web miner for tablets, mobile and unsupported operating systems. The Boid application runs in the background, transparently taking advantage of unused computing power.

The Boid Desktop app acts as a wrapper over multiple blockchains and distributed scientific computing technologies. The Boid apps automatically connect and run various computing tasks based on your computer hardware. The app connects to your Boid account, and can tap into your CPU, GPU, and HDD space automatically. You can install the Boid app on as many of your devices as you like. Desktop computers with dedicated GPUs tend to perform the best, but laptops and cell-phones can also work as well.

What Are the Benefits?
Distributed science projects help researchers to solve some large and complex problem which would otherwise be prohibitively expensive to run on a specialized supercomputer or take decades or centuries to run on a single desktop computer. Volunteers in distributed scientific computing projects have donated millions of years of computing power to dozens of fascinating projects that study things like cures for cancer, the formation of galaxies, more efficient solar cell materials, enormous prime numbers, and much more.

The Tokens
Boid will have a native token called BOID. The airdrop ran throughout the second half of August. Genesis snapshot holders received 5:1 BOIDs to EOS. You can earn BOID IOUs during the Public Alpha (which is live now at by signing up and contributing today.

Boid Teams
A Boid team is a group of users who are gathered around a specific brand or idea. All users on Boid participate as part of a team. If you can’t find a team that you want to join you can just stay in the default Boid team or start your own team. Team leaders are responsible for managing the incentives and rewards that a team provides to its users. Team leaders are a big reason you might choose one team over another. Team leaders can capitalize on their existing audiences outside of Boid to engage with their community in interesting new ways. Team leaders receive a percentage of the Boid Power generated by the team. They can choose to use this Boid Power to generate cryptocurrencies or donate it to important causes.

More information:

  • eosDAC announced that they will establish their own unique team on the Boid platform and registered members within their team so they can airdrop Boid tokens to their team supporters. Read more.
  • The Boid Discord server is a 24/7 resource for anything you might want to know. Join the Boid Discord.

For more information about airdrops, we encourage you to visit AirdropsForEOS.

At EOS Detroit, we keep our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the EOS ecosystem. In an effort to keep the community up to speed on the latest breaking news and updates we produce The Weekly Airdrop, an EOS focused research report.

If you didn’t read The Weekly Airdrop last week, you can find it here.

You can also Subscribe to The Weekly Airdrop to receive them directly by email.

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EOS Hackathon — London
Rob Konsdorf and Adam Zientarski from EOS Detroit will be in attendance at the EOS Hackathon in London and we are looking forward to seeing other members of the community at this event! Additionally, we plan to attend Blockchain Live and other block producer meetups happening in London.









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